So I’m in Manchester Airport; a plane engine’s after catching fire on the runway and ruining the buzz for everyone. And I’m stood here playing on the iPads in Dixon’s the keep from going insane

La Manif pour tous are a silly bunch

I was strolling down the Champs d’Elysée in the relatively calm confines of my own thoughts the other day. When what should rudely disturb my meanderings but a cacophony of hollers, exclamations and the kind of shrieking whistle blowing usually reseved for a Brazilian football riot approaching me at full pelt. The root of all this? The Parisien anti-gay mariage movement, who have recently taken to mounting bikes and cruising the city whilst hurling their bombastic, but ultimately useless slogans at passer-bys (the act permitting same sex marriage was passed over a month ago in  France; so really this amounts to little more than a child throwing a spastic tantrum in mid-January over the Nintendo Wii he didn’t get for Christmas). A stern troop of unrelenting guardians of the traditional family orientated way of life; championing Christian based morals and deriding anal sex between men, whilst simultaneously begging their homely wives to give it a bash just this one time. 

It was whilst watching the last of these rambunctious, rather obsolescent knights, mounted on their foot-powered steeds pass me by that the moral of the the entire incident occurred to me. And here it is…If you’re going to hold a protest berating man love, then surely you could choose a less, how can I put this, gay way of doing so than a bike ride thorough Paris, sporting whistles and dinky little flags.

So I’ve moved from Preston to Paris

Gone from this (really the bus stop out of Preston is probably the best known thing about the place)


…to this.


If I lean far out of my window, crane my head to the right and avoid falling to my death, I can actually see the eiffel tower

(Also yes I have used photos taken from google- I’ve far to much shit to be doing, to be bothered going round taking pictures just for tumblr)